The Best Things Happen in November

If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably already seen my big announcement.  But, if you've missed it, here it is:


It's no secret that I've been very inactive when it comes to blogging lately.  This is why.

Not only was I keeping it a secret until I was sure I was ready to share such big news on such a public space (which is really hard when you're trying to think of interesting things to blog about and all you can really think is, "Holy shit, I'm going to be a mom!"), I was also too exhausted to even consider spending time and effort on blog-related stuff.  

And, to be perfectly honest, I'm still exhausted all the damn time.  I thought that might fade after the first trimester, but no -- I'm pretty much spent after I come home from work most days and want nothing more than to curl up with Eric on the couch and binge watch cooking competition shows.  

This has clearly affected my reading as well ... I've only finished 27 books so far this year, which is really not a lot for me.  It's rare if I don't fall asleep after reading for just a short time, regardless of what time of day it is.

So ... That's the reason for my absence around here.

I'm not going to pretend like I'm never going to share stuff about the pregnancy or baby on this blog.  I will.  It's inevitable.  I mean, this is a huge change, and it's about to become one of the biggest parts of my life.  I don't, however, want this to become a mommy blog.  Not only do I feel like I'm completely unqualified to give any kind of tips, recommendations, or advice regarding motherhood, I'm also just not interested in writing primarily about my kid.  (And, just to give you an idea of how completely unqualified I really am, I'll let you know that I've never even changed a diaper!)  

Eric and I are both incredibly attached to the baby already (which is both exciting and terrifying), but I want this space to continue to be for me -- a place for me to share my love of books and music and travel and food.  So, while the baby (and pregnancy) will undoubtedly make an appearance on the blog from time to time, it is not my intention to shift all of the focus to that area of my life.

That being said, tomorrow's post will also feature pregnancy-related stuff.  Sorry not sorry.

The image at the beginning of this post represents why I chose the title I did -- nearly every important event in my relationship with Eric has occurred in November.  We got engaged in November 2012.  We got married in November 2013.  We always take our bigger trips in November to celebrate our anniversary (NYC/Amsterdam/Brussels/Bruges/Paris in 2014, New Mexico in 2015, Rhode Island in 2016, and Barcelona in 2017).  And now this: our first child arriving in November 2018.

I'm excited and terrified to start this new chapter of my life, but I'm glad I finally felt ready to share it here.

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