10 of My Favorite Book Quotes

I'll start this post with an admission: I did a horrible job last week keeping up with the link-ups I was involved with.  I never wanted to be "that blogger" (you know, the one who links his/her posts and then doesn't bother reading/commenting on any of the other posts that were shared in the link-up), but that's pretty much what happened last week. 

I'm slowly trying to catch up, and I almost didn't join this week's Top Ten Tuesday link-up because of that.  In the end, though, I decided I liked the topic enough to just go with it.  I'll be making an effort to stay on top of things a little more this week, so hopefully I won't be commenting on posts from this link-up a week or more later.  

Sharing quotes is always difficult for me because I stress over whether or not they're 100% accurate.  I know that in the grand scheme of things, it really doesn't matter ... But, to me, it does.

That being said, I don't own a copy of all of the books I wanted to quote for this post.  I'm relying on Goodreads for help with this, so hopefully the quotes are correct.  If they're not, I'm sorry -- but at least you'll get the idea.  (And, speaking of Goodreads, I can be found here if you'd like to be friends!)

It was really difficult to narrow down my favorite quotes, so there's a very good chance I'll share more of my favorites in future posts.  For today, though, I'm sticking with ten and linking up with That Artsy Reader Girl for Top Ten Tuesday!

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