My Book Habits: Things That Will Make Me Want to Read a Book

I've noticed patterns in my reading/book selection habits over the past few years (especially after I started using Goodreads regularly).  This isn't an exact science, but here are a few things that will pretty much guarantee a book will end up on my "To Read" list.

- It's labeled as a "thriller," "suspense," "crime," or "mystery" novel.

Everyone has a favorite genre.  I like the thriller/suspense/crime/mystery genre.  New releases that fall under any of these categories are usually added to my "To Read" list immediately.

- I've previously read and enjoyed another book by the same author.

This is a pretty obvious one.  I've been disappointed in the past when choosing books for this reason, but, for the most part, an author will continue to work his/her magic on me.

- Reviewers refer to it as "weird" or "fucked up."

I love a good mindfuck, so I can't stop myself from adding books that other readers found disturbing, confusing, twisted, or any combination of these things.

- It was recommended by someone with similar taste in books.

This is probably another obvious one, but the recommendations aren't always "typical" books for that reader.  I actually think I'm even more likely to add a book to my "To Read" list if it falls under that category.  So, for example, if someone who also reads a lot of thrillers gives a glowing review for a romance novel, I'll probably read it (even though romance novels aren't really my thing).

- It has a cover I find aesthetically pleasing.

No, I don't always choose books solely based on the cover art.  But, if I'm scrolling through Goodreads in search of some new books to check out and a cover catches my eye, it will usually end up on my "To Read" list.

- It contains specific topics either in the main plot or in a subplot.

We all have things that pique our interest.  Mine happen to be on the darker side (for the most part).  If I'm looking for a new book to check out, certain topics will immediately grab my attention.  A few of these include: kidnapping/missing person, mental illness, suicide, adult books about teens (I do read YA as well, but I tend to prefer adult fiction), murder, cults, love lost (though I'm usually not interested if the book falls under the "romance" genre), and memory loss.

- It has a person's name in the title.

I'm especially drawn to books with titles like The [fill in the blank] life of [person's name].  There are a total of 8 books I've completed within the last three years (since I started using Goodreads) and 41 books on my current "To Read" list that contain a person's name in the title.

- The title contains certain words.

This is completely silly and random, but I've noticed that certain words seem to catch my eye when I'm looking through a list of titles in search of books to add to my "To Read" list.  Here are a few of those words, as well as a count of how many books I've read since 2015 and how many are on my current "To Read" list that include each word in their title:

girl - 24 read / 31 to read = 55 total
lies - 4 read / 12 to read = 16 total
child - 4 read / 9 to read = 13 total
little - 2 read / 6 to read = 8 total
everything - 4 read / 2 to read = 6 total
monster - 3 read / 3 to read = 6 total
devil - 1 read / 4 to read = 5 total

I could probably go on and on about the things that will make me want to read a book ... But I won't.  This list is comprehensive enough, I think.

So now I have to ask ... What will makes you want to read a book?  Are there specific topics you like to read about, or are your choices a little more random?

I'm also always looking for book recommendations, so please feel free to leave some in the comments!

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