Monthly Gratitude: January 2018 Edition

I know I'm not alone when I say that many events within the last year have been enough to make any sane person feel like they're losing their shit.  There is so much negativity and corruption and, for lack of a better word, bullshit going on that it's easy to lose sight of the good things -- the things that give us hope and happiness.

These thoughts inspired me to begin a monthly series of gratitude.  While I know gratitude posts aren't a new or innovative concept, I also know that it's important to take a moment once in a while to remember the good things in life ... And a monthly gratitude post is how I choose to do that.  I'll be using a variety of gratitude journal prompts (found on Pinterest) for each of these posts in order to further challenge myself to think beyond the obvious.

- A personal gift or talent:

I am grateful for my ability to express myself in writing.  I will always be practicing and improving my writing skills (and I will never be perfect!), but it's amazing to be able to put words to feelings.  I know this doesn't come naturally to everyone, so it's a talent I will forever be grateful for.

- Something that always brings me peace:

No matter what I'm feeling before I step into a yoga class, I'm always filled with peace by the end of my practice.  I love that something so simple can stop all the noisy chatter in my head and heart.  It's the one form of exercise I can honestly say I love, and I'm grateful that my body is healthy and strong enough to practice yoga regularly.

- The best compliment I've ever received:

While it's always nice to receive a compliment along the lines of "You look really nice today," the best compliment I've ever received had nothing at all to do with my physical appearance.  For me, being told I'm an incredibly empathetic person made a much bigger impact than any other compliment I've ever received.  I am grateful not only for the compliment, but also for my ability to empathize with others.

- Something that inspires me:

I have always been (and probably always will be) inspired most by music.  To say I love music is a huge understatement.  Music is a powerful thing, especially when you listen to a song that speaks some truth of your own.  I will always be grateful for the musicians who make beautiful, inspiring music ... And especially for those who write the songs that make me feel like they got deep inside me and came out with all the feelings I needed to express.

- The best thing about January:

I love that January brings about the start of a new year.  I know I don't have to wait until January to start setting or working on goals, but, for me, there's something about starting a new year that feels like turning a page in a book: the previous year and all that came with it isn't gone for good, but it's time to move on to the next chapter.  I'm grateful for the opportunities that each new year brings.

Each month, I'd like to end my post with a quote that really resonates with me.  This month's quote comes from the song "Disillusioned" by A Perfect Circle:

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