Things I Don't Share On My Blog

Since I started The Book Life, I've been thinking a lot about what I want out of this blog.  When I stopped blogging for a year I realized I missed a lot of things about it, and the reasons I had for blogging in the first place became much clearer.

I've also been thinking a lot about what I don't want to do when it comes to blogging ... And those thoughts inspired this post.

I won't say I'll never share any of these things here because I've been known to change my mind about things.  (Even big things!)  But, as of right now, these are a few of the things I won't be sharing on my blog:

- My last name.

It's a privacy thing.  The only two people I know in real life who currently know about this blog are my husband, Eric, and my mom.  That's it.  So I really wouldn't want someone I knew stumbling upon it because they Googled my name.  (Though why they'd be Googling my name, I don't know.)  And, in general, I'm just not comfortable putting it out there.  Maybe one day, but not right now.

- My hometown.

Again, it's a privacy thing.  If I'd grown up in a large city, it might be different ... But I didn't.  I grew up in a small suburban town.  And if you know where to start, it's not that difficult to find tons of information about someone online.  That kind of creeps me out, so I don't share it.

- How much money Eric and I make.

Honestly?  I just feel like that's nobody's business.  I'm comfortable saying that we're comfortable (not rich, not poor), but I'm not comfortable giving specifics.  And, really, who needs to know this anyway?

- Specific financial goals.

This kind of goes along with disclosing our household income.  I'm happy to tell you that I'm aggressively saving money this year.  I'm just not comfortable writing something like, "In 2018 I plan to save $x" on my blog.  I don't know why ... It just doesn't feel right to me. 

- Certain personal goals.

This is obviously similar to the financial goals, but it's much more general.  There are a couple of things in particular that I've been talking to some of my friends and family about, but I'm not ready to disclose them online.  Of all the things I've listed, these are the things I'm most likely to share eventually.

I'm sure a lot of bloggers wouldn't disclose some (or all) of these things, but I also know that there are probably just as many who do.  It all comes down to what you're comfortable sharing.  

If you're a blogger (or even if you just love posting on social media), what things do you try to keep private?

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