Bookish Goals for 2018

I posted some of my more general goals for 2018 earlier this month, but only one of those was book-related.  Since this week's Top Ten Tuesday topic is Bookish Resolutions/Goals, I've decided to share my more specific, book-related goals for the year.

- Set a reading goal of 70 books.

This is a repeat from my previous post, but it's a book-related goal and therefore belongs here as well.

- Set smaller monthly reading goals.

Breaking that big number down makes it seem much more doable.  Monthly reading goals also keep me on track.

- Track my reading using my planner.

I have a specific place in my planner to write down what I'm currently reading, what page I'm on out of the total number of pages, and how many pages I read each day.  At the end of the week, I tally the total number of books completed and total number of pages read.  Yes, this is totally nerdy, but I like being able to see my progress.  And, honestly, I'm tracking a lot of things this year ... So why not track my reading as well?

- Read at least half of the books on my 10 Books I Meant to Read in 2017 But Didn't list.

I'd obviously love to check all ten of these books off my list, but I think reading at least five of them is a more realistic goal.  If I read all ten, great ... But I know there are always going to be other books out there that capture my interest more than any of these, and I'll probably prioritize those books instead.

- Complete Erin's latest reading challenge and read at least five books for the bonus round.

I usually finish Erin's reading challenges (though not always), but I feel like I should really push to not only finish this one, but also participate in the bonus round because the categories worked so well with my "To Read" list.  I usually have trouble finding books I want to read for at least a couple of categories, but not this time!

- Complete at least 50% of the 2018 PopSugar Reading Challenge.

I love reading challenges, but I also love reading books simply because I'm in the mood to read them.  For this reason, I'm not going to commit to reading a book for all forty categories (or fifty, if you count the "Advanced" section).  Twenty books, though ... Sure, why not?  There are at least twenty categories I could easily satisfy by using books on my "To Read" list.

- Read only YA for an entire month.

This is probably a really easy goal for a lot of people, but not for me.  I've mentioned before that YA can be pretty hit or miss for me, so it's not a genre I always go for.  However, I've noticed that more and more YA books are making their way on to my "To Read" list ... So I'm going to give them a little extra love this year.

- Join NetGalley.

I've been saying that I should join NetGalley for at least a couple of years, but I just never have.  I definitely prefer reading physical books, but I think I've been using my Kindle enough lately to make good use of this site.

- Read at least one book by the following authors: Dean Bakopoulos, Taylor Jenkins Reid, Tana French, Patrick Ness, and Nickolas Butler.

These are all new to me authors with multiple books on my "To Read" list.  There are a few others that could have made this list as well, but I thought five was a reasonable (and doable!) amount.

- Make notes as I finish each book to use in my reviews.

I've been doing this since the start of the year and plan to continue.  I usually write book reviews in one post (used for Jana and Steph's Show Us Your Books link-up each month), so I need to have some notes available as I'm writing that post to ensure I'm giving an adequate review.  I don't always feel like writing my reviews immediately after finishing a book, so these notes are a lifesaver.

I think these goals sound like a lot, but they also actually seem doable.  I'll plan to post a mid-year and end of the year update on these to share where I'm at.

Linking up with That Artsy Reader Girl for Top Ten Tuesday!  Also, if we're not friends on Goodreads, we should be.  I love checking out what others are reading and recommending!

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