Songs for the Brokenhearted

When I was still blogging regularly at Divulge and Indulge, I would post a playlist each month.  Those weren't my most popular posts, but I enjoyed putting them together.

I'm not planning to start creating monthly playlists for The Book Life (though if you're looking for recommendations, I'd be happy to talk music with you).  I will, however, post something music-related from time to time.  I love music more than most things, so it would be kind of weird if I never wrote anything about it.

Today is one of those music days.  

When I was blogging at Divulge and Indulge, I liked to post a sad/angry love songs playlist every February.  With Valentine's Day in the middle of the month, it seemed appropriate.  (Or, you know, in my warped little mind depressing and pissed off love songs seem appropriate for Valentine's Day.)

It's not that I hate happy things ... I really don't.  When it comes to music, though, I tend to gravitate toward the sad and the angry.  I've always really loved sad/angry love songs (regardless of my relationship status) because I feel like they're so raw -- there is just so much emotion behind those words.  

Some of these songs got me through some horrible breakups.  Others are just songs I like.  (And a few of these possibly popped up on previous playlists on my old blog.  Sorry for any repeats.)  Whatever the case, I hope you give them a listen.  

"Near to You" by A Fine Frenzy

"Near to you, I am healing but it's taking so long / 'Cause though he's gone and you are wonderful, it's hard to move on / Yet I'm better near to you"

"At the End of the Earth" by The Dear Hunter

"I never had known such a fragile hurt of a lover's curse / And the echoes of you rhyme like a distant verse on forgotten words"

"Snow Cherries From France" by Tori Amos

"And then one day he said, "Girl, it's been nice ... Oh, but I have to go sailing" / With cinnamon lips that did not match his eyes / Oh, then he let me go"

"Tiny Vessels" by Death Cab For Cutie

"So one last touch and then you'll go / And we'll pretend that it meant something so much more / But it was vile, and it was cheap / And you are beautiful, but you don't mean a thing to me"

"Hear Me Out" by Frou Frou

"Can't you tell I'm not myself? / I'm a slow motion accident lost in coffee rings and fingerprints / I don't want to feel anything, but I do / And it all comes back to you"

"Day Old Hate" by City and Colour

"So let's face it, this was never what you wanted / But I know it's fun to pretend / Now blank stares and empty threats are all I have / They're all I have"

"Oh Well" by Fiona Apple

"What you did to me made me see myself somethin' awful / A voice once stentorian is now again meek and muffled / It took me such a long time to get back up the first time you did it / I spent all I had to get it back, and now it seems I've been outbidded"

"The Engine Driver" by The Decemberists

"And if you don't love me let me go / And I am a writer, writer of fictions / I am the heart that you call home / And I've written pages upon pages trying to rid you from my bones"

"Gravity" by Sara Bareilles

"You loved me 'cause I'm fragile / When I thought that I was strong / But you touch me for a little while / And all my fragile strength is gone"

"Gone" by Ben Folds

"I know that you went straight to someone else / While I worked through all this shit here by myself / And I think that you should spend some time alone / But if you won't, then you won't"

"That Particular Time" by Alanis Morissette

"I've always wanted for you what you wanted for yourself / And yet I wanted to save us, high water or hell / And I kept on ignoring the ambivalence you felt / And in the meantime I lost myself / In the meantime I lost myself / I'm sorry I lost myself, I am"

"Accidental Babies" by Damien Rice

"I know I make you cry / I know sometimes you want to die / But do you really feel alive without me? / If so, be free / If not, leave him for me"

"Hurricane" by The Hush Sound

"You're the finest thing that I've done / The hurricane I'll never outrun / I could wait around for the dust to still / But I don't believe that it ever will / And since the roof fell in, I'll lean on what matters / Caught in the slightest wind, everything else unravels"

"Lua" by Bright Eyes

"I've got a flask inside my pocket, we can share it on the train / And if you promise to stay conscious, I will try and do the same / Well, we might die from medication, but we sure killed all the pain / But what was normal in the evening by the morning seems insane / And I'm not sure what the trouble was that started all of this / The reasons all have run away, but the feeling never did"

"Cup of Coffee" by Garbage

"I'm walking empty streets, hoping we might meet / I see your car parked on the road / A light on at your window / I know for sure that you're home / But I just have to pass on by / So no, of course we can't be friends / Not while I'm still this obsessed / I guess I always knew the score / This is how our story ends"

"I Should Live in Salt" by The National

"Think about something so much / You should know me better than that / Start to slide out of touch / You should know me better than that / Tell yourself it's all you know / You should know me better than that / Learn to appreciate the void / You should know me better than that"

"She's Not Me" by Jenny Lewis

"Remember the night I destroyed it all / When I told you I cheated / And you punched through the drywall / I took you for granted / When you were all that I needed"

"Himerus and Eros" by The Spill Canvas

"I hope to God I mean a little more than the sounds that escape your tired 4:00 a.m. lips / Oh, how I wish I meant a little more than a symphony of heavy breathing and the friction of hips / Yes, it's true, you've brainwashed me and now I'm more confused / I still somehow hope I end up with you / Yes, it's true, I romanticize every single thing I do / Especially when it comes to you"

"All I Ask" by Adele

"I don't need your honesty / It's already in your eyes / And I'm sure my eyes, they speak for me / No one knows me like you do / And since you're the only one that mattered / Tell me who do I run to?"

"I Better Be Quiet Now" by Elliott Smith

"If I didn't know the difference, living alone'd probably be okay / It wouldn't be lonely / I got a long way to go, I'm getting further away / A lot of hours to occupy / It was easy when I didn't know you yet / Things I'd have to forget"

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