Currently ... January 2018 Edition

I don't know what it is about lists like these, but I always enjoy reading about what other people are currently doing, loving, hating, etc.  I think I just appreciate the glimpse into someone else's life.  (Or maybe I'm just nosy?)  Whatever the case, I enjoy these types of posts.

I shared a few posts like this on my previous blog, and I knew I'd probably continue to do so with this new blog as well.  As of now, the plan is to share one of these posts once a month.  So, without further ado, here is January's "currently" post.

Currently I'm ...

- Reading: The Gingerbread House by Carin Gerhardsen.  It's my fifth book for the year and also my fifth book for Erin's reading challenge.

- Watching: More reality TV than I ever thought I would.  Right now I'm really into The Amazing Race and Hell's Kitchen.

- Listening To: My latest Spotify playlists.  I've been making a new playlist about once every couple of weeks or so, and they're all very random.  The only thing that unifies all the songs on each list is that I'm really into all of them right now.  

- Cooking: A lot of vegetarian dishes.  Eric and I have been eating vegetarian at least once a week for the past couple of years or so, but lately we've been eating vegetarian meals a little more often.  There's no real reason for this other than the fact that we're trying to be a little healthier (and that means more fresh fruits and veggies in our diet).

- Working On: My blog posts for the next two weeks.  I'm usually not so far ahead, but Eric and I are planning a romantic staycation this weekend and I doubt I'll be spending any time on blog-related stuff during that time.

- Buying: Very little.  I'm not on an official spending freeze or anything, but I have been very motivated to save more and spend less this year.  So far the majority of my "fun" (nonessential) purchases have been food-related.

- Feeling: Very motivated and productive.  I didn't feel this way very often in 2017, so I'm very pleased to report that I've been more on top of things in 2018.

- Loving: My Erin Condren planner.  I know I've mentioned it several times already on this blog (and I talk about it a lot in real life as well), but I seriously love it.  It's helped me get my shit together, and I'm learning that I really enjoy planning out each week and tracking all kinds of random things in my life.  I never really understood how planning could be considered a hobby until I started using a planner.  Now I get it.

- Hating: The bullshit going on in the world right now.  I know that's generic as fuck, but I honestly don't even know where to start. 

- Discovering: The Dear Hunter.  On a more positive note, Spotify introduced me to this awesome band from Rhode Island.  I'm pretty much in love with Casey Crescenzo's voice.

- Pinning: Pretty bookish pictures and simple, quick recipes.  I've pinned a few other things as well, but I feel like my most recent pins have fallen into one of those two categories.  (If you'd like to connect on Pinterest, I can be found here.)

- Considering: Joining a local meet-up group in the near future.  The group I'm looking into meets twice a month to work on individual creative side projects.  It would be a great way for me to not only carve out time to work on my writing, but also to stay on top of it.  If I say I want to set a goal of writing 10 pages a week, this group will encourage me to stick with that goal.  This kind of thing will also push me out of my comfort zone, which is something I'd like to do more often in 2018.

- Planning: My goals for February.  I'm trying to keep my monthly goals simple, while also pushing myself toward completing my other, bigger goals for 2018.

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